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Utilaje pentru productia de geam termoizolant
   » Utilaje termopan - Linii semiautomate verticale de spalat sticla si asamblat geamul termopan » 2002
This line is made by a motorized entry and exit each of 3000 mm. with clutched, anticut vulcollan rollers. The washing body in steel and the basement in stainless steel of 2600 mm. closed on top. The washing group with 6 cylindrical brushes in nylon. Three stainless steel tanks with relative recycling pumps for washing and rinsing. Filters are assembled at the exit of each pump. Connection to the demineralizer. Blowers and funs used for drying are sound proofed with "boxaphone" fitted with air filters. Valve to stop the air ventilator when the glass is not moving. Washing speed from 3 to 8 mt/min. adjusted by electronic regulators. Thermic control of the motors with visualization on digital display. Emergency push button to stop all moving parts of the line. The pressing section includes an assembling module (3000 mm) semi-automatic with hydraulic frame posistioning for absolute accuracy. Triple glass system is included. Automatic reading of the thickness of the glass panel complete with inspection lights. Different speed available to optimize the working time. The pressing section further includes a roller press (900 mm) with pneumatic movement, and a tilting table exit (3000 mm). All along the line the glass is transported by motorized cut-resistant vulcollan rollers clutched to avoid operator’s injury. This line is closed top.Thermic protection of the motor and of the low voltage control circuit. Emergency push button to stop all moving parts of the line. Microprocessor for the running of the work process with electronic sensors for the control of the various components. Protection against access to the dangerous parts of the machines according to the E.U. Norms.
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VOLTAGE 400 Vac 3 PHASE+NEUTRAL 50 Hz, TOTAL ABSORBED POWER 24 Kw 400 Vac 3 PHASE 50 Hz, VENTILATOR MOTOR 7,5 Kw 400 Vac 3 PHASE 50 Hz, WASHABLE GLASS DIMENSIONS Minimum about 350 mm.x 250 H mm., Maximum about 2900 mm.x 2020 H mm., HOT WATER RESISTANCE 4,5 Kw 400 Vac 3 PHASE 50 Hz, WASHABLE THICKNESS From 3 to 14 mm self-adjustable, ROLLER PRESS THICKNESS Up to 50 mm., WORKING SPEED From 3 to 8 mt/min., WORKING DIRECTION From left to right, WORKING PLANE HEIGHT 600 mm. about, HEIGHT 2900 mm about, LENGHT 15500 mm about, WIDTH 1200 mm about, WEIGHT 3500 Kg about

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